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Solid Wood Flooring

Oak, maple, birch or acacia – a solid wood floor screams originality and opulence. For many, you just can’t beat the look, warmth and feel of real wood.

As a completely natural product you will appreciate the variance in tones, colours and the changes that will occur over time. It’s a lifelong purchase, a statement investment piece!

What is a solid wooden floor?

Solid wood flooring is the original flooring product, one piece of wood cut straight into the shape of the plank. All our solid woods come pre-finished meaning they are ready to be fitted and can be walked on without further treatment. The boards come in a variety of finishes including matt, satin, gloss, stained, brushed and lacquered.

Why you should choose solid wood flooring?

For many people, you just can’t beat a solid wooden floor; the natural look, the feel, the warmth is incomparable. With the natural variation in tone, shade, knots and grain no two planks will be the same, you have a truly unique floor that is all your own. These natural wood floors will retain the ambient heat of a room far better than most other flooring alternatives, giving your home a really cosy feel.

Additionally when you purchase a solid wood floor you’re getting a product for life, with proper care and attention a solid wood floor will last 50/60+ years.