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Causeway Multistrip Maple (15mm x 150mm)

Causeway Multistrip Maple (15mm x 150mm)

This multistrip maple solid wood floor is a great choice for any environment - domestic or commercial. With 8 coats of UV lacquer and the natural light tones of a solid maple floor this product provides durability and great value!
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Was:  £31.98Price: £23.99 ex. VAT
Causeway Fingerjoined Birch (15mm x 90mm)

Causeway Fingerjoined Birch (15mm x 90mm)

A fantastic floor which will sit well in any space. The light colourings will tie in with any backdrop whilst adding character with the distinctive marking and grain of a birch floor. 8 coats of UV lacquer add to the durability of this solid birch floor. A great floor at a great price!
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Was:  £35.39Price: £24.98 ex. VAT
Nordic Finger Joined Brush Oak Solid Flooring 15mm x 75mm

Nordic Finger Joined Brush Oak Solid Flooring 15mm x 75mm

  Nordic Finger Joined Brush 75mm Oak Lacquered Solid Flooring is 75mm wide, has a total thickness of 15mm and comes in long fixed length of 1820mm. It is a great, natural looking floor that is full of rustic appeal and natural colour contrasts.     
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Was:  £45.00/m²Price: £26.56/m² ex. VAT

Solid Wood Flooring

The pinnacle of our products; solid wooden floors provide a lifelong product that will age with any property and becomes the focal point of each and every room.


As a natural product you will enjoy and appreciate the range in tones, colours and changes these products will provide. Our solid wooden floor includes, oak, maple, birch, walnut, red oak as well as an array of stained products, definitely a colour to meet all specifications.


The flexibility of purchasing our own real wood floor products direct from the manufacturer enables us to be at the forefront of up to date colours, textures and trends in the flooring world, so you can be assured you are purchasing this year’s must have fashions and trends. We have a wide and varied selection of widths, colours, and textures in our solid wood flooring range which will suite all types of installation, including commercial shops, offices and domestic houses.



SOLID OAK NATURAL - Oak natural is one of the most popular natural colours for flooring. Solid natural oak is very tough and long-lasting and the ideal choice for environmentally friendly flooring because solid wood flooring is produced with timber from sustainable forests so each tree when chopped down is replaced. Our natural light oak boards come in a variety of widths, from 75mm to 150mm, and the thickness goes up to 15mm as well as the texture include hand-scraped oak, brush lacquer and smooth, so you'll find something to match every home remodelling.


SOLID BIRCH FLOORING - Our solid birch floor is 120mm wide, 18mm thick and comes in random lengths from 300mm-1600mm. A great, natural looking floor full of rustic appeal and natural colour contrasts.


SOLID ACACIA FLOORING - We provide 2 types of solid acacia flooring. One is solid black acacia, with an 18mm thickness and 120mm width. Another is solid golden acacia, with an18mm thickness and 120mm width as well. The acacia is a durable and strong species of wood proven to be among the most unique wood types available today. Being the exotic type of wood that it is, the acacia is now becoming more challenging to import and source as it has become in high demand among hardwood flooring clients. The acacia wood is seriously strong and damage-resistant, in addition to its aesthetically pleasing grain patterns and eccentric shades. If you are looking for flooring that passes both the form and functionality criteria, acacia hardwood floors is the option for you.


SOLID MAPLE FLOORING – Our solid Maple Wood is 18mm thick and a popular width of 150mm wide. Random lengths of 300mm-1500m ensure a natural and authentic appearance while the 700mm average lengths provide focal points. Maple is noted for being a hard and richly coloured wood, and it is a popular choice of material that comes in a choice of tones varying between dark and very light. The light tones are provided by the sapwood type, which can offer some particularly striking pale tones for that unique look.


SOLID WALNUT FLOORING- Tiger Walnut 122mm flooring is 18mm thick and Amercian Walnut 150mm flooring is 18mm thick. Walnut wood flooring is a grainy and well-marked wood that comes with many lines, rings and knots. The basic colour of these walnut floors is dark, with lighter markings which sometimes including dramatic lighter areas that stand out and give the floor an uniquely attractive appearance. These items all have bevelled edges giving individual board definition, but there is a variety of options between smooth and textured finishes with these walnut floors.


SOLID OAK STAINED FLOORING - Rustic ancient Oak 120mm flooring is 18mm thick, Rustic whisky oak 120mm flooring is 18mm thick and Black fired Oak 120mm flooring is 18mm thick. The floor can display heavy grain markings, figuring, mineral streaks, colour variations, sapwood and frequent knots of varying sizes. Knot holes, checks splits and other imperfections are allowed, filled and finished. The floor is prefinished with a hard wearing satin lacquer which leaves the floor with an even lustre that gently reflects the light. The lacquer also gives great protection to the hardwood itself and allows for easier maintenance. In order to support the structure of the flooring the boards are finger jointed strips to provide unparalleled  strength and rigidity.



What is a solid wooden floor?


Solid wood flooring is the original flooring product, one piece of wood cut straight into the shape of the plank. All our solid woods come pre-finished meaning they are ready to be fitted and can be walked on without further treatment. The boards come in a variety of finishes including matt, satin, gloss, stained, brushed and hand-scraped lacquered, as well as oiled finished.


Why you should choose solid wood flooring.


For many people, you just can’t beat a solid wooden floor; the natural look, the feel, the warmth is incomparable. With the natural variation in tone, shade, knots and grain no two planks will be the same, you have a truly unique floor that is all your own. These natural wood floors will retain the ambient heat of a room far better than most other flooring alternatives, giving your home a really cosy feel. Additionally when you purchase a solid wood floor you’re getting a product for life, with proper care and attention a solid wood floor will last 50/60+ years.


All our solid wood flooring is prefinished wood and the Advantages of pre finished floors are:


  • EASE:  like the name suggests these boards are already “finished”, meaning the surface of the wood has already been treated for protection, so it is good to go out of the box.
  • TIME: because it is already treated it is ready to be fitted; it just needs to be acclimatised.
  • COST: generally speaking a prefinished floor will be cheaper than an unfinished floor due to the assembly line production which brings down manufacturing costs.
  • PROFESSIONAL FINISH: you do not need to worry about attempting a process you have never done before, where there is risk of a costly mistake; it is already done for you. You could always hire a professional to treat your floor but that is just adding extra costs, and installation of unfinished boards will cost more than pre-finished alternatives.