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Bois De Vie - Trelleborg Oak - 14/3mm x 200mm x 2500mm -Smoked Brushed & Oiled

Bois De Vie - Trelleborg Oak - 14/3mm x 200mm x 2500mm -Smoked Brushed & Oiled

Wide Smoked Engineered Flooring Stunning oak floor with a deep smoked look. The colour variation extends from golden oak to warm lively brown...
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Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring offers a guaranteed stability not available from a lot of other floor coverings. Engineered wood is a multi-layer wood ply base with a hard wearing real wood veneer on top; often the same thickness as a solid wood wear layer. The key difference to solid wooden flooring is that engineered is designed to work effectively with underfloor heating (Our Monte Rosa and Mont Blanc floors are not suitable for use with underfloor heating) and because of this it adapts to humidity and climate change really well, resulting in a more durable, longer lasting floor.

“If you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.” Frank Lloyd Wright

What is engineered wood flooring?

An engineered wood floor is one with a solid wood surface layer on top of a manufactured back section. There are various methods for manufacturing this back section, starting with simple high density fibreboard (HDF) backing up to heavy duty birch/poplar cross layer ply. The board thickness varies from product to product with a thickness of 14mm to 21mm thick. In addition the thickness of solid wood surface layer can also vary starting from 3mm up to 6mm. These higher end top layers are comparable to those found on traditional solid wood floors allowing engineered boards to be sanded just as many if not more times than solids. We have a wide range of different woods available in engineered with plenty variety of finishes too.

Why choose engineered wood flooring?

The major benefit of an engineered floor is stability. Simply put, an engineered floor is more stable than traditional solid wood floors making it far less prone to movement once down. An appropriate acclimatisation period is still always recommended before fitting, but once acclimatised an engineered floor is perfectly suited to use with underfloor heating (Our Monte Rosa and Mont Blanc floors are not suitable for use with underfloor heating).

The direct heat produced by an underfloor heating system creates conditions unsuitable for solid wood flooring, there is greater potential for undesirable movement, you could find gaps between the boards, swelling, cupping or worse even cracking or splitting as a result of excess movement. This is not the case with an engineered floor, being designed not to move. In addition engineered flooring is also preferable for use in areas such as conservatories or sun-rooms, and many people believe it is better to go engineered if you have a concrete sub-floor or if the room is below ground level. 

All specifications online and in store are from time to time subject to change, including but not limited to box volume, plank sizes, plank thickness, plank width & length, veneer thicknesses, finish, tones, fitting mechanisms, manufacturing and supplier batches. Please check all details at order point.

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